Axel Scheffler – illustrator of the Gruffalo – donates a postcard


Axel Scheffler is best known for his partnership with children’s author Julia Donaldson. Best known for his illustrations of the Gruffalo, a classic book which has sold 6 million copies and has been translated into 50 languages. The Gruffalo was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal and won the 1999 Smarties Gold Award and the 2000 Blue Peter Award for the best book to read aloud. And we all know that grandparents are the best at reading aloud.

Axel Scheffler has also written and illustrated the Pip and Posy series.

It is with enormous gratitude that we received an original card from him. Thank you so much Mr Scheffler, for taking the time to help us.

I’d also like to thank the other illustrators who have donated cards – Louise Andersone @luluandiris and Martin Ursell’s lovely students from Middlesex University: Jack Sephton, Bethany Ward, Charles Johnston, Dervla Mary Leonard, Magdalena Kacalak-Likatnes, Reece Robinson, Casey Ballam, Gaby Giu, Jasmine E Brady, Billy Jackson, Imogen Dale, Alina Grigorjeva, Chloe Askew, Sachiko Oguri, Ammena Qureshi, Vidar Francke, Summer du Plessis, Eva Strasburger, Alexander Harvey, Amy Laker, Molly Howard-Foster, Callum Fenton, Taro Qureshi, Sinead McKeefrey, Pondhorror, and Kate Simpson

And last but not least, Rob Biddulph, currently art director of the Observer magazine, who has just published his first illustrated children’s book, Blown Away

You are all very kind. Thank you.




Sugar and Spice – illustrators with sweetness and cartoonists with bite

Age UK Barnet’s Secret Postcard Sale will take place in Mr Simms, 781 High Rd, North Finchley, N12 8JY on 23 November, the same day as the Christmas Festival.

The nearest tube is Woodside or you can take 125, 221, 263, 626, 134, 82, 460 or 683 buses.

And so, in honour of the sweetshop Mr Simms used to be, I thought I would let you know about some of the lovely illustrators who have promised cards and tell you about some of the more biting cartoonists who have also promised cards.

David McKee – author and illustrator of books which many older people have read to their children and grandchildren – Mr Benn; Elmer the Patchwork Elephant; King Rollo; Not now, Bernard; and many more. He was the UK nominee for the Hans Christian Andersen prize for children’s book illustration in 2006

Rebecca Cobb’s book Lunchtime was the winner of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2013 and has been shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway medal. As well as her own books she has illustrated the Paper Dolls for Julia Donaldson and a number of Helen Dunmore books.

Nick Wadley was Head of Art History at Chelsea School of Art and Design until 1985. He was a weekly cartoonist for the Daily Telegraph and Financial Times 1997-2001 and, as well as writing and illustrating his own and other books, he is a Regent of the College de Pataphysique.

Simone Lia has written and illustrated children’s books, graphic novels and is a cartoonist for the Independent, the Guardian and the DFC. Her work has been exhibited at the Tate Britain

Hari and Jake are political cartoonists at the Guardian who make difficult financial issues simple. You can find their work here, on the Ripped Off Britons blog

Scott Getchell is a cartoonist for the Boston Phoenix in the USA, as well as a gifted musician.

Ben Jennings is an illustrator and cartoonist and winner of Political Cartoon of the Year 2011 by the Political Cartoon Society. His work appears in the Guardian, the Independent, New Statesman and a host of other publications.

Last, but by no means least,

Martin Rowson is known best for his visceral, satirical political cartoons. As he himself said  “I long ago worked out, from bitter experience amid the hate mail and death threats I’ve received from around the world, that while I see my work as a cartoonist as firmly in the tradition of William Hogarth and Gillray, everyone else sees it as breathtakingly vicious.” His work appears most often in the Guardian and the Independent, but has also featured in a host of other newspapers.

And if that is not enough to whet your appetite, can I tell you about how Age UK Barnet provides lunch clubs, including one for Muslim women, and a new supper club at Café Buzz; support for older people who are underweight through the Eat Well project; and cooking classes for older men, many of whom have been widowed or become carers? All proceeds from the sale will support the work of Age UK Barnet.

Thank you all for your fantastic generosity. It is hugely appreciated. A veritable banquet and something for every taste.