Tales from the Sales



DSale day started bright and early, well early anyway, if not bright, with a tweet from the first person in the queue at 7.15 am, from outside Passobello in the cold and dark. And, although he was frozen, I hope it was worth it as John snagged the star card by Axel Scheffler. Well spotted sir; I hope you enjoy it and I’m only sorry I couldn’t give you that cup of tea you were after.


I’m pleased to say that the card donated by Mr Scheffler’s PA, whom I bumped into in at the postcard-making event in Boyden’s Kitchen, also sold.

Rob Biddulph’s card also went in the first 10 minutes…Scan-001And so did Mari I’Anson’s, proving that the early buyers really knew what they were looking for.


I have to give a huge thank you to a young artist called Ben Wrightson, whose warm and mellow abstract watercolours proved enormously popular. The first of his cards sold within an hour of opening and 3 were gone by 4pm. You can see an example of his work here:


Ben’s father, Dan, is also an artist who currently has a solo show in Lauderdale House. I’m relieved to say that Dan’s lovely painting of Barnet High St finally sold at 4.30pm and will likely be wrapped and sitting under Mr Mustard’s tree this Christmas. I wouldn’t like to cause bruised egos or family strife, although I’m sure that Ben, who is 3 1/2, would have been very gracious. If you want to see Dan’s card (Mr Mustard, look away now) check this link


Contributing artists are often good at spotting the best cards. It is also lovely for me (and sometimes purchasers) to meet them in person.  @AyJayTrashy , a keen supporter and donor of work, last year found the card by Terry Gilliam and this year snagged one by the highly collectable Magnus Irvin. Donald Lyven and Lucy Nowell both donated work which sold did particularly well. Donald purchased a lovely tapestry by Councillor Alison Moore, whilst Lucy cleverly spotted the card by Dame Zandra Rhodes.


It was particularly nice to see returning customers, especially the lovely man who spotted us on Londonist; last year he kindly helped me get the artists list photocopied, as I was rather disorganised. This event is all about the generosity of strangers, as you help to prove.

We took over £1,500 on the day, a bit down from last year, but I hope it will be over £2,000 by the time we finish selling.

A huge thank you to all the artists, customers, staff and volunteers who helped make this happen – especially Lisa, Helen, Lucy, Sian, Katy, Anna, Karin, Anthony, Willemien, Ed, Brian and Aiste and last, but definitely not least, the magnificent Atif, owner of Passobello carpet shop. Not only did Atif let us take over his shop for the day, but he kept everyone well supplied with coffees and cupcakes all day long. An incredibly kind man and a real asset to the East Finchley community.

To the man who wanted to know about the autographed Paul Weller posters I have for sale, please leave a comment on the blog with contact details. I’ll read it but not publish it. I’ll try and get the remaining cards scanned in the next day or so, if anyone would like to buy them.




One comment on “Tales from the Sales

  1. Gary says:

    Well done Julia. I look forward to hopefully buying a scanned card or two when available, Kind regards Gary

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