Davina McCall – Run, Swim or Cycle to find her card


You will need to exercise some thought to find the secret postcard donated by television presenter and charity fundraiser Davina McCall; a small clue – it is as bold, bright and warm as the lady herself.

Davina is probably best known as the presenter for Big Brother, and more recently Got to Dance, but best loved for her incredible Beyond Breaking Point Sport Relief challenge in February of this year, where she raised nearly £2,240,000 by running, swimming and cycling from Edinburgh to London in just 7 days.

This incredible feat gives me a rather clunky segue into some of the most important work Age UK Barnet does locally – providing exercise classes for older people. Whether you are interested in dance, tai chi, yoga, aqua aerobics (many thanks to Mill Hill School for loaning their pool) or Nordic walking there is something for every taste and every exercise level, whether that is gentle seated exercise or Zumba Gold.

There is a list of activities here


Exercise is vital as people get older – almost one third of people aged over 65 fall each year. Falls account for 10-25% of ambulance call-outs for people aged over 65.

Almost 3,200 people over 65 died from a fall in 2012 – about one person every three hours.

Half of those with a hip fracture never regain their former function and shockingly, one in five dies within 3 months.

None of those figures tell you anything about the terrifying experience of falling and being unable to get up, or the way that a fear of falling keeps older people trapped in their homes

Falls prevention, including exercise classes and things like our handyperson scheme and toenail cutting service, or our Falls Awareness Days pictured below, can cut falls by 15-30%.

Toenail cutting and handyperson may not be glamorous, certainly not when included in a post about the woman who won the Glamour Award Hero of 2014, but they are important, so we are very grateful that Davina has donated a card.

The Secret Postcard Sale will be on 6 Dec in Passobello, 174 High Rd, East Finchley N2 9AS from 10am to 5pm. All the cards will be on sale for £20 each, and you won’t know until you have purchased a card who the artist is. But it might be Davina McCall’s.




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