Easy to love – grandparents and cartoons

grandpa reading 001

Grandparents come with many gifts and with many different styles. They don’t need to be related by blood to hold their place in our family – we can draw our families any way we want to.  They tell us stories – snapshots of our history, stories about ourselves, and tales with a moral for us to listen to. They can be funny and playful; observant and warm; gentle or sharp. It is a simpler, more direct relationship than with our parents, and somehow, because of that, the lessons we learn from our grandparents stay with us.

Befriending is a way to bring this relationship into your life. For more information about befriending see here:


What has this to do with cartoons? Within the pages of our newspapers, we hold them with a similar affection, unlike the hectoring of the editorial or columnist, or the rote facts of an article.


I’m really grateful to the very talented cartoonists who have donated to Age UK Barnet’s Secret Postcard Sale this year – do click on the links to see their work so that you can recognise it on the day.

Ben Jennings won the political cartoonist of the year in 2011. You can see his work in the Guardian and the I Paper, amongst many others. He tweets as @bjennings90 and his website is:


Simon Ellinas is a Barnet local. He has drawn for the Sunday Times, the News of the World and The Week. He tweets as @cartoono and his work can be found here:


And last, but by no means least, Martin Shovel. He has worked for the Daily Telegraph, amongst others. He tweets as @martinshovel and his website is:


Gentlemen, your contributions have given me huge pleasure. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity, to Age UK Barnet, if not to your subjects.

Readers, all the postcards will be on sale on 6 Dec in East Finchley, anonymously and for a fixed price, so see if you can spot one of these and nab yourself the kind of bargain your granny would be proud of.



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