Cooking up some fun

A fair amount of the activities of Age UK Barnet revolve around food: lunch in the day centres, or a shared meal at one of the lunch clubs – the Muslim Ladies lunch club on Wednesdays at the Ann Owens for example, are all popular and, for some of people it is the only freshly-cooked hot meal they get. Carrying shopping, managing hot pans, or having the hand strength to chop, can all get difficult when people are older and becoming frail or lose some of their sight.

We also run cookery classes for men around the borough – in Barnet & Southgate College, New Barnet Community Centre and Ann Owens Centre. These incredibly popular classes are lively and fun. Many of the men who attend are carers or recently widowed, so have only just taken on the role of cooking at home. Some just want an opportunity to brush up their skills, or get out of the house and meet others.

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Healthy living advice is available from our Ageing Well service, and from our Eat Well, where volunteers trained by dieticians give one-to-one support to older people in their own homes to improve their diet and eat more healthily.

For many older people, malnutrition is a real issue, because of problems cooking, or loss of appetite. Many people do not realise that as you get older, just as your hearing or vision may deteriorate, your sense of taste may also lessen, making food taste bland and unappetising.

Our volunteers can give advice on meal planning, online shopping, or adapting to a new diet.

You can find out more about our services here


Scan13Eating is, in the end, a social activity. No-one enjoys a meal eaten alone as much as they do sharing a meal with a friend.  Please come and share some sweetness with us by popping in to Boyden’s Kitchen, Church Lane, N2 from 2.30pm on 5 Nov, and make a postcard for the Secret Postcard Sale.




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