Working Together for the Older Generation in Barnet


Yesterday Barnet Council published the annual report of the Neighbourhood Services project, a review of the first year of a new way of collaborating for many of the charities working to support older people in Barnet. I’m really proud of the success it has been. Some of the charities are large, like Jewish Care, some small, like Barnet Asian Women’s Association. Some focus their work on specific BMER groups, like CROFTE (which supports Tamil elders) or Anand, and others focus on specific areas of the borough, like FIN or the Good Neighbour Scheme in Mill Hill.

All of them have worked together, under the independent chair Gillian Jordan, to share information, knowledge, resources and their own perspectives. Together we are helping more older people than ever, in more places and in more ways.

In the end, it doesn’t matter to me whether older people are supported by Age UK Barnet, or by RSVP, or one of the many other charities in the provider group. What matters is that older people get the support and advice they need, in the most appropriate way.

You can read more about the groups achievements here:

And so it was with particular pleasure that I received a wonderful bundle of postcards from Alex Georgiou, the interim manager at Barnet African Caribbean Association, in support of the postcard sale. Alex has a degree from Chelsea College of Art and has worked as both an art teacher and a window and exhibition display artist in the past.

Her work and generosity are greatly appreciated. I’m sure you will enjoy them at the sale.

Thanks so much Alex- you are really amazing.


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